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What is 'SHAON84'

SHAON84 is a web based personal creative showcase, launched in 2003 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Virtually headquartered and globally served SHAON84 produces diversified creative contents mostly backed by the idea of founder-owner and SHAON84 Chief, Benzir Shaon. The motto of the site is, 'showcase of a life'.

So far known, SHAON84 is the first (and perhaps the only) personal website in the world who publishes annual report each year with its activity report and site statistics.

The 'Name'

The name SHAON84 came after the owner Benzir Shaon's name. The number 84 marks the site’s official launching date, 8 April (4th month of the year) 2003. This is also his birthday.

After being launched in 2003 as 'SHAON', it re-branded as SHAON84 on the digital day 10 October 2010 (10-10-10). The date of rebranding is also very interesting. The value of binary date 10-10-10 (101010) is 42. If we multiply 42 with 2, we will get 84.


The primary agenda of SHAON84 is displaying own works and helping others by providing useful contents where it is possible. Another important purpose is inspiring young minds who believe in the power that they have inside to change the world. SHAON84 believes in power of young minds, where 'young' does not meant to physical age, but a mental freshness to meet challenge, to grow and contribute to a greater community. With its own success, SHAON84 wants to set an example to those potential future change agents and inspire them to act based on their believe, “If Shaon can do that, why not me!”


Contents in SHAON84 is highly diversified in nature; such as, but not limited to,
  • Photograph
  • Write-up: Literary contents, research report (short or book), IT, learning material, news comment, column or analysis, blog
  • Business Research Study: E-Business, new media, social media, marketing, advertisement
  • Film: Story based animated/real life short or full movie, video documentary, video commercial
  • Podcast: Read cast, site update, news, learning material and others


Inspiring people around the world with diversified creative and intellectual creatures, and by being globally recognized superior personal web brand.


Promote the website globally and by this, encourage people for using information technology for personal business, social connectivity and other personal activity with website.

Transparency & Accountability Practices

SHAON84 believes, accountability is one of the prerequisites of sustainable growth and progress. And that's why SHAON84 publishes free and downloadable Annual Report in each year since 2007, which is first in the world of its kind. Know what else are practiced.

Working for SHAON84 or Being Connected

Despite of being a personal online showcase, SHAON84 always welcomes potential future leaders and talents to work with SHAON84 in any existing or new project, subject to availability and scope of work. Please write to, with your detail resume and a cover letter mentioning your interest to work, passion and competitiveness.

Besides that, you can also connect to SHAON84 by connected by social media accounts and other ways.

The 'Man' Behind

Benzir Shaon (formally S. M. Benzir Ahmed), the key person behind SHAON84, is an MBA in Marketing from American International University - Bangladesh and BBA in Marketing from East West University (Dhaka). Besides being a worker for SHAON84, he is a regular service holder.

Apart from regular academic degree, he does not have any formal course or degree to better aid his creative artworks. This is also true for web designing issues; no technology degree or course.

As a workaholic lifetime 'student', he loves to live with, Marketing, E-Business, E-Marketing, Online Media, Technology, Web Designing, Business Research, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Art & Design, Social Initiative, Change Movement, Leadership, Media & Advertisement, Social Media, Idea, Dream and so many things kept unlisted.

He was passionate about practicing his creativity. Web technology emerged as a free media to share and refuel those creative works. Like traditional personal websites, the idea of SHAON84 never appeared as a media for promoting own face or name, rather promoting works & creations and serving for greater good.

SHAON84, the site itself better describes him and his work to lots of diversified areas, which may take some more paragraphs to write down here. During his academic life, he was engaged in several social, cultural and voluntary organizations and still engaged with different social & voluntary works.

As always being inspired by great people and great works, he always loves to dream big and keep chasing them.

For more personal details, check SHAON84 Personal Curriculum Vitae.
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