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Real design and specification about official SHAON84 Logo.

SHAON84 Logo in grid for easy understanding.
Logo (Plain)
Dimention: 350 X 350
File Format: PNG
Transparency: No
Size: 8.41 KB
Logo (with Slogan & URL)
Dimention: 450 X 450
File Format: PNG
Transparency: No
Size: 17.70 KB
Official Color Palette: Red
Other Name: Guardsman Red
Color Type: Web Safe Color
Hex: #CC0000
RGB: 204, 0, 0
CMYK: 0, 1, 1, 0.2

Meaning of Logo
SHAON84 deals with many sides of creativity, innovation, knowledge, ideas and issues. The square shape signifies the trial of making those things well synchronized and performed with maximum perfection. Keeping the name 'SHAON84' inside the red square means, SHAON84 coordinates all those works sitting at the center point.

The color red has many definitions in different times and cultures. Here the color Red defines, Special, Lively, Vibrant, Passion, Happiness, Well Being and Different.

Technicalities of Design
The name SHAON84 is placed just at the middle of red square. Font name, "Lithograph Bold". For more specifications, please look to logo shown in picture with grid. When reproducing SHAON84 logo in print or online, use official SHAON84 logo in proper color palette. Find color details at top of the page. The logo must always be at least 60 pixels in height and width.

When you need the official SHAON84 logo for a website or publication, please use "Logo (Plain)". Only use logos according to SHAON84 Trademark & Logo Policy.

More Logos & Brands
To the extent a name, logo or slogan does not appear in this page does not represent a waiver of any and all intellectual property rights that SHAON84 or its subsidiaries have established in any of its product, feature, content or service names or logos.

Logos displayed in Brand page are also included in the fleet of SHAON84 logos.

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