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A Quick Power Point Presentation on SHAON84
(Download: PPT - 575 KB | PDF - 394 KB)
This presentation was presented in GBG-Dhaka event on 31 October 2012


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SHAON84 Official Blog for All Latest Special News for Press & Media Houses
Official Blog, the ultimate place for getting all special updates & releases of SHAON84.


It's Tennning!
Official Blog, 10 April 2013: SHAON84 Celerates 10th Year.


Bangla Blog Starts in SWIB
Official Blog, 17 DEC 2012: SHAON84 starts Bangla Blogging on Politics, Religion, IT, Business, Marketing, Business Research etc.

'Uncodist' Arrives
Official Blog: 13 DEC 2012: Subsidiary portal of SHAON84, Uncodist launched..

SHAON84 Photo Release (2008-2012): 30 Updates + 1 Bonus
Official Blog: 1 DEC 2012: Photos released taken since 2008 to till date. According to that update campaign, 31 updates will take place in December 2012.

SHAON84 Presented in GBG-Dhaka Event on 31 OCT 2012
Official Blog, 1 NOV 2012: SHAON84 has been presented in Google Business Group - Dhaka's 4th Event

SHAON84 Personal Curriculum Vitae Page Launched. Specific Answers for Some Specific Questions
Official Blog, 1 NOV 2012: SHAON84 launches a new segment under 'SHAON84 Personal'

13 Special Things Came with ‘About SHAON84' Update on 13 Oct
Official Blog, 13 OCT 2012: SHAON84 About page's 13 remarkable modification includig some policy issues.

Thanks to 100 Special Facebook Faces!
Official Blog, 13 OCT 2012: SHAON84 Facebook Fan Page got 100 Likes..


Personal Web Site SHAON84 Celebrating 8th Year (PDF: English)
Press Release (2), 2 AUG 2011: 8th Year celebration with new home page and many updates.


First Annual Report in The World History from A Personal Web Site (PDF: English | Bangla)
Press Release (1), 8 APR 2008: The first Annual Report (2007) of SHAON published, which is first (perhaps) of its kind in the world..

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