Press Box
Set of terms and condition to avoid future problems and for giving legal freedom in some cases and providing guidelines.


General Policy Statement

  1. Reason for Developing Policy
    Firstly, developing the policy statement is NOT to formulate anything to bar between SHAON84 and visitors. The reason behind preparing the policy statement set is,

      • To protect intellectual property
      • To avoid improper use
      • To preserve brand rights

  2. Acceptance of Terms
    By using the contents and visiting SHAON84 website, you accept to follow the below as well as all SHAON84 terms, rules and policies. SHAON84 reserves the right to cancel, modify, or change the permission in the policy at any time at its sole judgment.

  3. Disclaimer of Warranties
    The website is provided “as is” and “as-available” basis. SHAON84 does not make any warranty that the website will be error free or the access will be continuous or uninterrupted. You download contents, or otherwise obtain content or services through, the website at your own judgment and risk.

  4. Links to Third Party Sites
    The linked sites, which will let you leave SHAON84's site, are not under the control of SHAON84 and SHAON84 is not responsible for the contents of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site, or any changes or updates to such sites. SHAON84 is providing those links to you only for convenience, and the enclosure of any link does not imply endorsement by SHAON84 of the site.


Trademark Policy

  1. The Goal is Not To Create ‘Wall’
    The goal of this policy is not to limit activity around SHAON84. This policy has developed to help you for proper use of SHAON84 brand and assets, including the logo, content and trademarks without having to worry about negotiating a separate agreement with SHAON84.

    SHAON84 is passionate about protecting the reputation of the brand. This part explains the guidelines regarding the use of SHAON84 logos and other trademarks.

  2. Defining Marks
    SHAON84’s marks include, but are not limited to, the SHAON84 name, logo (displayed in Logo page), relevant brands (shown in Brand page), and any word, phrase, slogan, image, or other designation that identifies the source or origin of any of SHAON84’s product, service or content.

  3. General Definition about Trademark Policy Violation
    By using a company or product’s name, logo or other trademark protected materials in a way, which may confuse or mislead others with regard to its brand or business affiliation may be considered a trademark policy violation.

  4. Guideline to Use
    1. Use SHAON84 official, unmodified logo to represent the brand.
    2. If you are working with SHAON84 on a project or initiative, please discuss about third-party marketing activities, which may permitted.

  5. Restrictions to Create Confusion
    1. Do not modify the trademarks, logos, or other content or use them in a confusing way, including relationship, affiliation, suggestion, sponsorship or endorsement by SHAON84, or in a way that confuses SHAON84 with another brand.
    2. Do not display a SHAON84 brand in any manner that can reasonably be interpreted to suggest editorial content has been authored by, or represents the view or opinion of SHAON84.
    3. Do not use SHAON84’s brand resources in a way that is deceptive, harmful, obscene, or otherwise objectionable to SHAON84.
    4. Do not use the SHAON84 brand to refer to any service, content or product other than SHAON84.
    5. Do not display a SHAON84 brand as the most prominent element on your web page.

  6. Some Specific Cases
    Do not display a SHAON84 brand on any web site or publication that contains or displays adult content, promotes gambling, illegal activities, involves the sale of tobacco or alcohol, or otherwise violates applicable law.

  7. Restriction to Register As ‘Second Brand’
    1. Do not use or adopt SHAON84 name, slogan, design, logo or any other confusingly similar marks or names on any product name, service names, domain names, trademarks, logos or company.
    2. Do not register SHAON84 trademarks as second-level (some cases first-level) domain names.

  8. Syntax
    1. Do not use SHAON84 trademarks in a way that suggests a common, descriptive or generic meaning.
    2. Do not use SHAON84 or any other of the trademarks, as a verb and do not pluralize them either. Trademarks may not be modified in that way.

  9. Expressing Ownership
    Generally, SHAON84 does not use ™ attribution symbols with the brand assets.

  10. For Exceptional Cases
    If you would like to make any use of the marks that has not covered by this document, you must contact to SHAON84.


Logo Policy

  1. Requirement for The Policy
    The idea behind formulating the Logo Policy is to help you for fair usage of SHAON84 logo without any misguidance or improper use.

  2. Design
    1. Use only SHAON84 approved design when using SHAON84's logos.
    2. If you are using a SHAON84 logo on a web page, there must exist a minimum blank spacing of 10 pixels among each side of the square logo.
    3. The logo must always be at least 60 pixels in width.
    4. While you may scale the size to suit your needs, you may not modify the Logo in any other way (such as by changing the design, shape or dimension).
    5. SHAON84 should be in the same font size and style as the other content while documented as text.
    6. ‘SHAON84’ should always be capitalized while documented as text.

  3. Restriction
    1. The Logo must not be used to represent the word ‘SHAON84’ in text, including in a title, product name or body copy.
    2. The Logo must stand alone and may not be combined with any other object, including but not limited to other logos, words, graphics, photos, slogans, numbers, design features or symbols.
    3. Neither the Logo nor the SHAON84 name may be used in any other company name, product name, service name, domain name, website title, publication title or the like.
    4. The Logo must not be incorporated or used in any manner as part or in close proximity to another company's name, domain name, product or service name, logo, trade dress, design, slogan or other trademarks.
    5. The Logo must never appear with any other symbol or icon (except the trademark symbol, TM); contained within a box, circle, or other shape; or combined with any other name, logo, or icon to create a co-branded logo.
    6. Non-SHAON84 materials should not imitate any SHAON84 content, advertising or website design.

  4. Authority
    1. SHAON84 reserves the right in its sole judgment to terminate or modify permission to display the Logo.
    2. SHAON84 may request to third parties to modify or delete any use of the Logo.
    3. SHAON84 reserves the right to object to unfair use or misuse of its trademarks or other violations of applicable law.


Intellectual Property Rights Policy

  1. The Believe Behind
    Content innovation and innovative content is the heart of SHAON84. Intellectual property is the core asset of SHAON84, which delivers significant value to SHAON84, its viewers, users and other stakeholders. Proper use and respect to others’ intellectual property rights is the best path to promote creativity and innovation.

  2. Fair Usage Policy
    Unless otherwise specified and subject to give proper credit to SHAON84, the contents and services of SHAON84 are for your personal and non-commercial use. You may not modify, duplicate, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create copied works from, transfer or sell any information, content, products or services taken from SHAON84.

  3. Linking SHAON84 Works
    1. As long as proper credit is given, and if not otherwise specified, you are welcome to use contents from SHAON84 in your website or blog.
    2. Always provide hyperlink (or URL) of the source page where there is the work with specific and sufficient detail of the work.
    3. Do not apply any method to try to hide credits from search engines or otherwise.
    4. Copy, quote or use material exactly and mention SHAON84 just before or after the work.
    5. While linking to SHAON84 content, you may not use “IFRAME” tag, as this will hide original URL from view (browser’s address bar).

  4. Protecting IP Rights
    SHAON84 offers different contents created by Benzir Shaon (including teammates, in case of group works). If not otherwise specified, in most of the cases, contents are mostly authentic. Contents include but not limited to write-ups, research works including collected data, academic assignments, photographs, podcasts in all form, animation, different form of artworks and software.

    Any sort of IP Rights violation (unauthorized use, including but not limited to print, publish in online or broadcast) is takes seriously by SHAON84. Primarily the accused website may face DMCA complain who will publish SHAON84 contents illegally. For silence or negligence, may lead to further consequences.

  5. About Others’ IP Rights Protection
    SHAON84 respects others’ intellectual property rights. SHAON84 takes highest concern to avoid any kind of third party intellectual property (like- copyright, trademark, right of publicity) infringement. SHAON84 allows intellectual property owners to communicate any kind of violation of rights, which come to their notice. Based on the type and level of breach, proper action will be taken.

  6. Permission
    For any permission regarding Brand, Logo, Trademark or Content please contact with your request.

    For further information regarding any policy issue, please contact.


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