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For picturing potential future updates; personal and SHAON84 related virtual & real life events.


Building Platform

Currently the primary job and challenge in front of SHAON84 is to prepare the platform/page/environment for sharing contents. And as a part of that, many pages require adding up new pages and renovation. Besides that, there are many contents waiting to be shared, which need to go through some processing steps. Hope to present the FULL PAGE soon.



There are thousands of photographs waiting to be sorted, filtered, processed and shared. Hopefully hundreds of images may be shared in different series of updates on different dates soon.

Podcasting is such a new section in SHAON84, which may bring a big change in site visitor stat. It may be put under the brand 'SHAON84 Pic'. Podcast will cover various public and learning matters besides SHAON84 related casts.

There are some plans for making Video Commercials in future, focusing new updates, branding and so on. Besides these, more interesting videos are on the 'Think Lab'.

SHAON84 PenNPaper

Renovation of PenNPaper

The text based intellectual content container page, PenNPaper is under plan to completely be changed starting from design, look, data management and all rest. Couple of specific things leaked below.

It's better not to define the term Blog. SHAON84 has initiated its own official blog (in many days before. But it only covers internal stories of SHAON84. This time, blog will cover write-ups majorly on social, economic, political, ethical, business, marketing and religious issues. It will be like opening Big Comment Book on current issues or whatever comes in mind. Blogs will mainly be in Bangla, which is a very exciting news for Bangladeshi viewers. Hopefully the blogs will be posted in any (one or more) popular local blogging channel, like: SomeWhereInBlog etc. All contents will be initially available in SHAON84; for them, who want faster, moderation-free blogging text. There are other plans about blog presentation, which will begin a new style in blogging.

There are some important documents need to be prepared and published. Some of them are, last few years Annual Reports. There are other items in the waiting list to be prepared and released.

Research Center
SHAON84 Research Center will be an exciting place for learners, academicians and researchers. The research page will majorly focus on Social Media Marketing, E-Marketing, Promotions, Business and Marketing as a whole.

SHAON84 Personal

A Surprise Event Page
This is not confirmed and that is why it is not shared here. There is a plan to have a page on a special event.

Long, But Not Looooong Future

Social Projects & Third Party Collaborations

As a part of future expansion plan, SHAON84 wishes to open doors for collaborative projects with individuals or organizations. It is not confined within that but primary focuses might be the following; like: socially important matters (Ethics, Education, Environment, Power & Politics etc.), Marketing and Business. To launch that initiative, it majorly requires enhancing management and coordination capacity of SHAON84. However, projects in these areas may be solely launched by SHAON84.


Security is a burning issue now-a-days. Although it requires advanced technical skills and it's a long time matter; but still this issue isn't being fully ignored. The plan initially covers site security and viewers' PC security. Many other issues require further concentration.


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