Other Parts
Perhaps This page could be the largest page among all other pages. Because the works of Animation, Graphics & Illustration or Didital Art will be found in all over the web site. Here are these Parts have been described in short.

During the first stage of this site (SHAON84) there were lots of animations, but at present animation has made its most of the seats in SHAON84's Film page.

Graphics & Illustartion
In different place of the web site you will find texts in different styles and images which have given a special look. Seeing these illustrations and graphics you will try to write texts in different style and different writings will get different looks, those would be a good way of expressing your creativity.

Digital Art
Digital media is a different media for art. In this case only computer technology is used for art. There are some works. You will find them in my PicSHAON84 page under Digital Art category.

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