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I don't dream to be a father of big industries but I have interest on production of intellectual product; like: reserach, any media, film, technology (including IT related products) etc. Here are the organization where I can exercise my exclusive authoratative power: BenzirGroup, BenzirCreationHouse, SHAON84.


CEO, Chief Planner and Designer


BenzirGroup is the central co-ordinator of all other companies. Its main task is maintain co-ordination among the other family members. Upto now it has 2 organizations. Check the official web site for more.

SHAON84 - the member of BenzirGroup family. It's not a full fleged commercial web site rather than a personal web site. It's still in a very primary stage to start it's journey to the commercial path. Get a detail and updated view by finding About SHAON84 in SHAON84's Home page.

BenzirCreationHouse is a virtual and commercial organiation from BenzirGroup. It basically works with the matters of digital creativity. It also does various works. To be detailed peep into the official web site.

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