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Starting Informally
I actively started to work with a socio-cultural volantury organization Shuchona in August 2003 which was the introduction of my social work. But before that I was requested by the chairman of Shuchona to work as a volanteer in Bangladesh Shishu Academy Balcony; it was an art competition for children. And later, as much I can remember the same thing happened in Central Shaheed Minar. All those were informal joining with socio-cultural activity; organization: Shuchona.

Formal & Full Time Step
After my school assembly my first entrancein on stage infront of people was as a Program Presenter in a workshop in Azimpur arranged by Shuchona and I was one of the two organizers of that program. And later on I worked as convener and member of program sub-committee, volanteer, participant in many events like: cultural program, competition, discussion program, workshop, children camp, food or prize distribution ceremony etc. in many times in many places, many organization. But I Worked most in Shuchona and I'm very much grateful to the founder-chairman of Shuchona.

Being a social worker and organizer I visited many places inside and outside of Dhaka and many times came on stage in different events as anchor, speaker, poem or Quran reciter, singer or side vocalist, instrument player, actor or drama director in different important spots inside and outside of Dhaka. I have been honoured in many ways too and for that once again special thanks to Shuchona & it's chairman.

Few Experiences
Once in a science fair (arranged by Bangladesh Shishu Academy to celebrate Children Week; may be it was 2004) I was alone for our 4 stalls in Bangladesh Shishu Academy Field and I described the projects. I found people are gathering specially to our stall, i spoke and spoke but the crowd don't get smaller.

Few Organizations
Here some of the organizations where I worked most (with designation)...or who honoured me...


Joint Secratery

Bangladesh Council for Children Welfare (BCCW)
Topkhana Road, Dhaka

Urban Community Developement Project - 5
(from Social Welfare Ministry)

Life Member
Bangladesh Book Club


EastWestUniversity English Conversation Club
Mohakhali, Dhaka

Ex-Founder-Acting Member
Adhunic Social & Cultural Organization
Azimpur, Dhaka

Excluding these I indirectly worked with...
Bangladesh Shishu Academy
Azimpur Estate Jana Kollan Samity
Azimpur Ladies Club

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