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ravelling is my hobby. In my recent travells I was alone. They were interesting too.

From the very beginning of my life I used to travel in several parts of my country Bangladesh. I cannot remember the time of my first travel and also the place.

In 1995 I had to stay some more days in my village and that time I became more familiar with rural life. At that time I got the real taste of natural beauty. I was bathing long time in the pond, walking through, cycling and crossing miles and miles of ways...I cannot describe how nice it was!

In earlier parts of my life my father wanted that I should be practiced to move alone. I think he could made a real focus on life and it was one of the reflections.

I think we should move to next part and visit; ofcourse not alone! Obviously with me! Any problem? Ok. Let's move....!!!

Travelling Spots

This part contains the short story of my travelling experiences in Bangladesh. I have visited 21 districts of my country. My travelling stories in different districts are explained here...

Dhaka Division

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. I live in this city. Even I was born here. About all important modern structures & offices are in the city. About all-important people live here. Its former name was "Jahangir Nagar". The important and historic things here are:

a. Our Parliament Buliding
b. Central Shaheed Minar
c. National Sriti Shoudho
d. Ahsan Monjil
e. National Museum
f. National Children Park
g. Heritage Park
h. Fantasy Kingdom
g. Boshundhara Shopping Mall
h. Vashani Novo Theatre
i. National Zoo
j. The Botanical Garden
k. Turag River

This is my home district. The name of my village is “Garakola”. It has a good transportation system between the capital city Dhaka. My favorite place after Dhaka is Rajbari. I have gone there several times & I like to go there. It is also important because my father, grandfather & grandmother's graves are situated here. There is also a pond of our own. I bath a long time in this pond when I go. Narua Bazar (a village market) is very near of our home. About each time, I go to my village I use to ride bicycle and explore the whole village and outside the village. There is a river named Garai. My village is really a place of beauty.

My elder uncle used to live in this district's town until 1998. To meet him I, with my family used to go there regularly. It is not so far from Dhaka city.

It is also near Dhaka. My maternal sister lives in district's main town. There is a statue in “Gazipur Chourasta” which's theme is our great freedom fight of 1971.

I went to Tangail on June 03, 2005. We the "full family" (Me, My Mom & My Sister) started from Dhaka's Mohakhali bus stand. The village I stayed there was "Gulli". I went there to my recently married elder maternal brother who is working there as a branch manager of a bank. I stayed there only some hours of a day. As he lives in a place like village, so I could enjoy the taste of rural life. There was a little pond behind the house (but was not good enough for a fresh bath). If you want to go there, you will find a good road transport communication facility there, even in the village !

There was a joint poverty alliviation program of Shuchona (an organization) and Manab Shahajja Shongstha. It was an openning ceremony. I visited with the team of 10 members on 10 November 2006. We reached at about 11:15 AM. We spent whole day there. We didn't visited anywhere; we were in Belabo, a thana in that district.

It was the same day (10 November 2006) we visited Norshingdhi and Kishorgonj. In Kishorgonj the place we spent rest of the days was like the town; it was a thana named Voirob. In that district Shuchona has another project; a library project. It was an openning ceremony and we enjoyed a colourful cultural program over there arranged by local people. We visited both the district within one day and we returened Dhaka on the same day at night. We were there from 1.00 PM to 7.00 PM.

Rajshahi Division

It was a sudden and emergency visit and I don't had any interest to go there because I wasn't fully cured from a serious accident; which accident led to a major operation in my knee. Just to accompany my mother I agreed to step ahed. 10 January 2008 at about 3 pm we started from home. We were in the thana city "Sholonga". We were the guests of an native uncle there. Reaching at about 7.30 pm I surprised to found it was a developed city that I didn't expected at all. On the next day we visited some local relatives' homes of my uncle. We returned on 12th instant at about 5 pm, but before that I visited a nice historic place. It actually not a place, "sorry", a palace - an ancient palace. I heard it was actually a 7 storied structure and after going down to ground 3 are rest. I went to each floor and went upto the top. It' really nice. I was accompanied by my cousin Limon, his friend Uttom aaaand the vehicle a "motor-cycle"' thank you all.

It is the divisional city of north districts, Rajshahi division. There is a cadet collage named “Rajshahi Cadet Collage”. My elder uncle is a teacher of the collage. Going there, I stayed in his home. I rode cycle while I was there and cycled a long way seeing splendid beauty of Rajshahi. I also went to Rajshahi Borendro Museum and the local zoo. In Rajshahi, right near the college there is a police academy named Sharda Police Academy. The thing that I liked most is Padma River that flows near the college. While returning my home from Rajshahi I crossed one of our national proud the 11 th biggest bridge “Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge” over Jamuna River for the first time. It is situated in Shirajganj & Tangail districts.

One of my eternal sisters lives there. Therefore, to see her & the family we (me, my parents) went there. During the time, we visited a historic place, which is commonly named “Mahasthan Gar” and a local museum in the same premises. We also went to a local amusement park, which has some nice events. We went to historically important “Behula Lokkhindor's Bashor Ghor”. I enjoyed all.

It was a long journey. It was July 25, 2003. Dhaka to Dinajpur to Rajbari to Shatkhira to Jessore to Dhaka. Now I shall tell only the part of Dinajpur. I went there accompanied with about eight friends. I stayed there in my friend's house. Some of my friends stayed in PDB Rest House. On the first day I accompanied with two friends went to Dinajpur Medical Collage at night. In that time, the surroundings took an excellent look. During the time we were there, we met my friend, Boney's relatives. We saw Rajbari, Sup Sagor, Mata Sagor, Konna Sagor & Ram Sagor. But the most interesting place with vast area is Shawapno Puri; it's really nice!

Khulna Division

Jessore is my mother's land. My grand parent's house is on main town. I went there several times. Some years ago, we used to cross more than one river to reach.

One of my eternal auntie lives there. It is also in main town. On December of 2003 I went there with a children camp as a volunteer. We saw many things there: Lalon Academy, Mosharrof Hossain's residence, Kuthibari of Rabindranath Tagore, Darshana Sugar Mill etc. In that time, we stayed Kustia for about 7 days in main town.

I went there for the first time on 29 July 2003 to meet with my maternal uncle and sisters. For the first time it was really hard to find out my destination. Staying there cycled in some places of Old Shatkhira. I spent some pleasant days with my sisters.

I went there with a Children Camp Team as a volunteer in 2003. We stayed in Kustia, a district near Meherpur. We spent some time in Mujibnagar Sriti Shoudho, where officially the new government for independent Bangladesh took oath during freedom fight. Our border is very near from that area. At noon we took out lunch and after taking meal we sang and danced. It was something like a picnic within a picnic. The interesting thing I did not told yet is, Meherpur is the smallest district of Bangladesh.

It was a marriage ceremony of my relative. I went there without any prior preparation. As I went to my countryside Rajbari, I went to Magura from there. It was Sripur, a place in Magura. I went there in day and came back within night. It was an experience for me that, how a village wedding ceremony arranged.

Sylhet Division

The year 1989. In Sylhet, there are many hills and there are many tea gardens. It is a matter of proud that Bangladesh is the one of the finest tea cultivator country in the world. I went there by train. With us, there was another family. We stayed there in a residence of my father's friend. We saw tea garden. We went Tamabil border area. There is a river and on the other side of the river, there are high hills. The most interesting thing of this river is, naturally arranged stone under water can seen clearly. It is not enough deep, so a person can easily walk through the water; but it is very slippery. Still now I can see, I am playing in that river.

Barisal Division

As far, I can remember it was 1991. There is “Barisal Cadet College”. My elder uncle was a teacher there. I with my parents went there and spent some days with my uncle & his family.

Bhola is a land of trees. Its an island district of Bangladesh which is in her south portion. I stayed there for 4 days, from 18 May to 22 May 2005. It was a very risky time period when I was there. Because at that time there were some terrible troller (big boat with engine) & launch accidents. So I became anxious about, how I would return back at Dhaka!

It was a organizational visit. With me there were the Chairman of Shuchona (an NGO) Shohel Mama. We started from Dhaka at late afternoon from Shadarghat Launch Terminal. We went there by the launch M. V. Balia, the largest launch of that route at that time. We hired a 1st class cabin. We reached there in dawn. Reaching there & seeing the natural scenirio it seemed to me that, I am neither in Bangladesh nor in any country of the world! How beautiful the scenery was!

First we went to Borhanuddin main bazar & stayed some times. Then we went to Shohel Mama's father-in-law's house and took the 1st meal in Bhola. It was the "Mia Bari". I visited his eternal & metarnal grandfather's house in "Munshi bari" of Joya village and "Talukdar Bari" of Behula village. We also visited Bhola District City & Lalmohon Thana. We stayed about one day in a hired room in Borhanuddin Bazar (it was experimental!).

The another interesting thing is that we have seen 2 and a half Bangla Movie in 3 different Movie Theatres there. "2 and a half" - because we have in a cinema hall even before the last hour of the departure from Bhola. As it would be late, so we missed the another half of the movie... We started for Dhaka by the 2nd largest launch of that route (in that time) named M.V.Karnafuly. Again we hired a cabin like the previous time. But in that time we found that this cabin was more laxirious than the previous one!

The 1st steamer journey in my life was made at that time. It was really a pleasant journy which will be really hard for me to forget!

Chittagong Division

It is the second important city of Bangladesh. It is called the commercial capital of our country. It has a seaport. I went there with my mother, sister and other family members by train to attain a weeding ceremony of my maternal uncle. We stayed in that uncle's home which is in main city. It was August 2000 when we went there. We went to Baojid Bostami's Majar, Potenga Sea Beach & Foi's Lake.

Moheshkhali Is. (Chittagong): It was 1989 when I went there with my parents. The island is a nice island. Nevertheless, I cannot forget the time while we were crossing the sea; the sea took a destructive look at that time. In the island there is a nice temple named “Addinather Mondir” or "The Temple of Addinath" which is totally a white structure situated on a small hill with brick build stairs.

Cox's Bazaar
The largest & longest sea beach of the world is in Cox's Bazaar. Every year many tourists come here to see the sea. I went there first in my boyhood. I accompanied with my parents went there in 1989. We stayed there some days in a hotel. The sea is really beautiful. Tides come and go…making sounds…people are busy in collecting snail…I myself also collected some snails there as far I can remember. We also went to the last subdistrict of Bangladesh in South; it is Teknaf. There is a river named Naf which is the divider of two countries - Bangladesh and Myanmar. We spent a few time in Teknaf.

There is a saying that if anyone comes near the sea he will forget all sorrows and pains. I think it is true…

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