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amaderStory LINK
Publication Detail
"amaderStory" is an online publication from a university's private web portal "amaderEWU". This web is a project of "SHAON84 Education Program". That was the 1st issue of that publication.
Published Material
Editorial (English)
Firoj: A Story of A Street Children (Story, English)
One EWU (Related Essay, English)
Aat Fagun O Tar Ashepasher Kotha (Essay on Language, Bangla)
Unsubscribe Option: A Healthy Corporate Culture (Business Essay, English)
Commodity Price Rising Issue: Corruption and Some Issues (Economic Essay, English)
I Am From Bangladesh
eMail Service: Paid or Free? (Essay, English)
No East No West, East West Is The Best (Related Essay, English)
Stamp In Museum (Essay, English)
Ak Ati Palongshak (Story, Bangla)
Date of Publication
1 February 2008

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