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S t a g e
D r a m a
First Time
Perhaps it was 2003, an open cultural program of Combined Children Organization Union in Central Shaheed Minar. I don't have any preparation to act; I was simply on back stage. Suddenly a junior brother Istiaque asked, "Can we do something on stage, a tiny act?" I agreed and we reharsaled behind and played it there. That was the first experience.

In Kustia
A children camp was arranged by Women and Children Developement Council (NASHIUP) along with a good number of children on 21-26 December 2003. We started from Dhaka; the spot was Kustia Government Chourohash Children Village. I was the volanteer for one of the teams. We arranged camp fire at evening. On a day like that our teammates decided to play a short drama. Among 5/6 actors I was there.

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