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S t a g e
D r a m a

The drama staged was basically a drama of only 12 minutes. The whole drama re-formed to stage the drama in a new formation. This drama took part in a national competition where numerous child drama writers' dramas took part. The glorious thing is that this drama snatched the First place.


First Stage

On June 18, 2004 Shuchona (an organization) observed World Environment Day 2004, World Blood Doner Day 2004, World Child Labour Prevention Day 2004. On this day Shuchona arranged a stage drama also. It's name was 'Rokte Vega Bangla'. I played the role of "SUTRODHOR" in the drama who tells the story during the drama and that is the mostly played character of the drama. Before going inside I remember all of my drama loving friends, technicians, writer, director and all others related to that production with great respect.

A number of poster was printed and posted in Dhaka.

Story Behind The Curtain
We reharsaled in Shuchona office in 150/1 Azimpur Office (during that time) and sometimes in BCCW Auditorium. Most of us were new in drama and very young in age, in a word some were children. I had to do a lot of practice because my role was the longest. And the drama would start officially with the entrance of Sutrodhor (my role). Before the drama I was very nervous. We took makeup. Tina Khan helped us to do our makeup.

For the first time I discovered that in case of stage drama I feel less afraid infront of microphone, though I grew up facing microphones and stages in different purpose and different situations. It was a great experience to take part in a stage drama for the first drama, though I took part in short dramas in Dhaka and outside Dhaka. But still it was a great opportunity to play an important role in the drama like that.

A few details about the drama staged...
Name of the drama : Rokte Vega Bangla
Written & Re-Formed by : Mynul Hasan Shohel Mama
Directed by : Mynul Hasan Shohel Mama
Arranged by : Shuchona Natto Chackra (a part of Shuchona)
Actors : Shohel Mama, Benzir Shaon, Aminur Rahman Shabuj, Pavel & Sayeed
Actresses : Tina Khan, Popy, Sunjida, Samia, Sunjid, Nipa, Purnima & Sinthia
Special Thanks : Tina Khan
Venue : Bangladesh Council For Child Welfare Auditorium, 22/1 Topkhana Road, Dhaka
Date: June 18, 2004
Time of Start : 5.00 pm
Duration of The Drama : 35 Mins


Second Stage

Directed by : Mynul Hasan Shohel Mama
Assistant Director: Benzir Shaon
Actors: Rafat, Jibon, Bappi & Benzir Shaon
Actress: Tamanna
Venue: Ziaur Rahman Auditorium (Bangladesh Shishu Academy)
Date: 25 July 2006

There were also some other cultural events on the day.

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