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Core Values
The words always tried to be kept at any cost.

1. Simple
Make things understandable to visitors and friends, maintaining the lowest level of complexities

2. Innovative & Creative
Always try to innovate a new and unconventional dimension in related fileds with the maximum level of creativity

3. Transparency
Practicing honesty, being transparent and accountable in different areas

4. For Commons' Good
Despite of being a personal creative showcase, SHAON84 always cares commons' well being and focus to them

5. Importance to Each Bit
Each product (web site and the content) is given importance during creating with maximum care

6. Focus to Work, Not Face
Being a personal web site SHAON84 always focus more to The Owner's work rather than the face (by mean)

7. Think Global
SHAON84 thinks in Global context

8. Special Origin
Unless specified, in SHAON84 'most' (it can be said all) of the contents are from Benzir Shaon

9. Multi-Dimensional
SHAON84 works in many areas, not a single one or two

10. Professional
Being a personal web site SHAON84 always try to maintain professional design and attitude

11. Biasness
Blind to the philosophy of truth and beauty

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